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A common topic of discussion during the preliminary design stages when building a new home is around creating a home that is kid friendly. We have a ideas for you to consider that will make your home comfortable, stylish and durable..

Your kitchen design

If space allows, a butler’s pantry is a great way to take advantage of additional cabinetry and bench space for those busy, before school mornings

Images: Photograph and Floor Plan of a recently completed PJ Burns home with a hidden pantry design

If your floor plan is a more compact design, a butlers cupboard is a great addition, and offers a place to keep all the gear (toaster, kettle, juicer, bread, etc), leaving your kitchen space free of clutter

Images: Photograph and Floor Plan of a recently completed PJ Burns home with a butlers pantry design

Your kitchen benchtop

Quantum Quartz is a beautiful, light and durable benchtop option with extraordinary aesthetic appeal. We have a beautiful range of colours within our standard range for you to select from for your kitchen. Your kitchen deserves the best.

This engineered stone is low maintenance and ultra hygienic, making it the perfect benchtop solution for growing families.

Images: Photograph and Colour Options from PJ Burns Standard Kitchen Benchtop Range

Your flooring

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl plank flooring is the fact that it is 100% water resistant making it the ideal product with spills and accidents.

With many different colour options available in our standard range, you are sure to find the perfect shade of timber, to meet your design style.

Images: Photographs from recently completed PJ Burns Builder homes featuring our standard Vinyl Plank Flooring

Your tile grout

The paste that fills the spaces between each tile hardly seems like the most significant element of your design, however, the grout you choose can change the look and feel of your space, and effect the amount of maintenance you will need to maintain the freshly tiled, new home look.

When it comes time to complete your colour selections, our interior designer will guide you through the different grout options available to you, to help find the perfect combination for your family and lifestyle.

Images: Photographs from recently completed PJ Burns Builder homes for design inspiration

A drop zone

They say that home is where you hang your hat. But how about where your kids fling their school backpacks, runners and jumpers?

A drop zone is a great design feature for large families, that is easy to incorporate in your new home design and can really help organise a busy families home and life.

Images: For design inspiration via Studiomcqee Instagram

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can help design your dream home and assist you in choosing the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



Ideas to introduce colour into your kitchen.

Deciding on a design and colour palette that suits your needs and fits your space is key to creating your dream kitchen in your new PJ Burns Builder home.

We are noticing the traditional all-white palettes are now often being replaced with palettes featuring fun pops of colour, patterns and textures by the way of splashbacks, cabinetry and finishings.

Here, we describe a few ways you can incorporate colour into your kitchen.

Encaustic Look Tiles

Encaustic look tiles are a stunning way to add style and personality to your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, and will transform your space.

Available in multi-colour and bold patterns there is something special about encaustic look tiles, that create an eye-catching statement.

Images: Design Inspiration via Tile Cloud

Coloured Cabinetry

Green has been named as the ‘it’ cabinetry colour of 2019 and for good reason! It’s earthy and organic and when used as a accent feature provides a luxe statement with a timeless appeal.

Images: Design Inspiration via Three Birds ‘House 9’

Furnishings and accessories

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed element in your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, there are multiple ways of incorporating colour after handover by showcasing a removable object, such as, a bold vase, vivid appliances, or even bright bar stools.

Keep in mind, adding colour in this way, allows you the freedom of updating your colour palette with each season

Feature Lighting

Feature Pendants are a great way to softly bring colour into your kitchen, and enhance your everyday living.

Available in so many different finishes and colours, this simple design element is guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen space.

Images: Design Inspiration via Jardan

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can custom design your dream home and help you choose the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



Interior design ideas to elevate your home!

With so many platforms and beautiful images availabile to us daily, it is easy to become overwhelmed by options and choices when it comes to the interior design of your new PJ Burns Builder home. We have broken it down to simple elements and steps for you to consider, when designing and decorating each space of your new PJ Burns Builder home.

Let light in.

Beautiful lighting will make a space, a whilst your floor plan will usually determine your lighting plan, making the most of natural light is always a good idea.

Natural light constantly changes throughout the day, and is one of the lovely and noticable elements to suprise you, when settling into your new home and watching the morning and afternoon light move through each space.

A home that faces north and east, will make the most of our coastal climate, while naturally allowing light and heat flowing through your home. A thoughtfully designed space will take advantage of the natural light during the day.

To create a mood and add ambience, incorporate interesting windows or feature pendants, wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps into your interior design, rather than filling each space with too many downlights.

Designer Tip: As part of the PJ Burns experience, keep in mind that you will be provided with the opportunity to walk through your new home with our experienced electrician, at frame stage, to ensure your new home is transformed into your dream home.  

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Instagram

Colour changes everything.

Your colour palette is an important element of interior design and effectivly achieving the style your going for.

The 60/30/10 rule, is popular with interior designers, and rightfully so. The 60 percent refers to your main colour, which acts as the backdrop or anchor for the space you are designing. The 30 percent refers to your secondary colour, of which needs to have it’s own identity while toning harmoniously with your main colour. The 10 percent refers to your statement colour, which depending on your design inspiration is your chance to get creative and add that pop of colour adding character and attention.

When selecting colours, both natural and artificial light will change the way colours appear and feel in each space. For confidence in your decision, order a sample pot or A4 colour swatches via Dulux website to get the most accurate example of the final result.

Designer Tip: As part of the PJ Burns experience, keep in mind that you will be provided with the opportunity to complete a colour consultation with our wonderful interior designer, during the preliminary process, to ensure your vision and design inspiration is brought to life.  

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Facebook

Texture is paramount.

The first thing to remember when it comes to texture within interior design, is balance. Balance your matt stone finishes, with a soft throw or cushion from adairs, your naturally darker materials with a lighter tone of woven rug from rugs of beauty, or your shiny, glossy surface with a stonewashed linen from deiji studios.

Designer Tip: An easy way to incorporate texture into the structure of your new home, is with a feature wall cladding, tile or exposed trusses. Discuss options and costs involved during the designing stage of the process, your options are only limited by your imagination and budget!

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Facebook


Arguably the most important consideration in designing a room is how your home and design flows between spaces.

Be mindful how you + your family use the current space you are living in, and visualise your furniture pieces on your floor plan during the preliminary design stage. It is important to leave enough space between significant furniture pieces for your to comfortably transition between spaces.

Designer Tip: Consider unusable space, such as a void or high ceilings and incorporate statement lighting or exposed trusses to bring your new home interior to life.

Images: Design Inspiration via homes to love.

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can custom design your dream home and help you choose the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



PJ Burns New Display Home in Peregian Springs

Over the last 40 years, we have seen the area dramatically change its view on the traditional home.

While there has been an ongoing evolution in building materials & floor plan size over the time, the biggest changes have been brought in with the success of shows like ‘House Rules’ & ‘The Block’.

Take a 3D walk-through, virtual tour of our stylish new Display Home at 7 Rosea Place, Peregian Springs, where we decided to embrace the DIY movement & showcase a quality home with modern ‘Wow Factor’ custom made finishings.

Video: 3D walk-through, virtual tour of PJ Burns New Display Home

Our in house designer, Joel Gravina says, “Current Building methodology is certainly a throwback to the 70’s with lightweight cladding materials, finishes such as wallpaper, and furnishings typical of the era.”

 displayhome displayhome

Images: PJ Burns Display Home, 7 Rosea Place, Peregian Springs

As you can see, the home has endless character and is a place of inspiration with established modern gardens and stunning custom, hand-crafted inclusions. It is also currently listed for sale, and a great, rare property investment opportunity, with property value protected by surrounding display homes & lease back options available. If you would like more information on our new display home or are interested in purchasing the home, contact Courtney today. m: 0417 442 243 / e:




The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen

As we all know kitchen is the most used space in most homes. While it’s a practical space that needs to work for everyone in the family, it’s also a place that needs to look inviting, friendly, comfortable and clean.
If you’re looking to build a new house, one of the first things to do is to find trusted custom house builders. These experts can assist you with your entire house plan, including your kitchen, assisting you with design, fixtures, fittings and other details.
Selecting tiles that are practical and attractive requires a little planning and persistence. Here are five tips that will help you make the right decision.

1. Determine Your Budget
How much you have to spend will determine where and how many tiles you can lay. The floor may not be negotiable, but a fully tiled backsplash may be.

2. How Do You Use the Kitchen?
If you use your kitchen all day, work from home or you love to cook with the family on the weekends, consider how many people are in the kitchen at any one time. How you move around the kitchen will have an impact on the quality and location of tiles you select.

A cork or bamboo floor tile definitely won’t last as long as a ceramic tile, while a stone floor tile may be too slippery for a hard-working kitchen or a household with a young family.

3. Know Your Tiles
There are many different kinds of tiles – some are more suited to the floor while others would only be used above the floor. Floor tiles can be ceramic, quarry (such as limestone), stone (marble), cork, vinyl or even bamboo, whilst wall tiles can be made of glass, porcelain, and also ceramic, quarry or stone.

4. The Floor
Start at the bottom and make sure you have a surface that meets the demands of the hardest working floor in your home. If you want to retain the flow of a timber floor, consider the finish that will most resist everyday use. If you have a breakfast bar that’s in constant use, the floor needs to be extra hardy. With tiles, you need to think about how resistant to damage they are from hard and heavy items dropping on them, and how slippery they may be after a mop or a spill.

A textured ceramic tile or quarry tile will provide just the right texture to prevent a slip and will add a depth of character to your kitchen floor that defines it as the hub of your home.

5. The Walls
While tiles are a natural choice for a backsplash or behind a stove, they can also be used decoratively to create a feature within the kitchen. Backsplashes of glass printed with photographs can easily date a kitchen while a classic high-gloss tile can add a point of visual interest that has lasting value without committing to a popular trend. Glass mosaics are timeless, but require more maintenance than a high gloss tile in black, white or a striking neutral shade.

Help from Experienced Sunshine Coast Builders

With almost 40 years of experience, PJ Burns has an award-winning house builders team. Call us to talk to one of our house designs expert in Sunshine Coast about creating a brilliant kitchen with tiles.

Kitchen Splash

Image via insideout.



Making Your Home a Teenage Friendly Zone

As your kids start maturing, wanting more freedom and hopefully taking some responsibility, you may find that playroom isn’t really working anymore. House floor plans need adjusting as your needs change and it’s important to make these alterations throughout your home.

From the kitchen to living areas and other rooms in your home, changing features of the house will make it easier for you to live together and provide practical solutions.

“There’s No Food in This House!”

Complaining about a lack of food is a common cry of the average teenager. You can make it easier for them to navigate the kitchen with some small house design changes.

By the time your child reaches thirteen years of age, they’re able to making ready a meal without the risk of hurting themselves or placing off a smoke alarm. With more people cooking in the kitchen, it might be outlay investing in a larger kitchen area. Consider an open plan design that merges the kitchen mutually your dining area. This can draw it easier for everyone to move around the kitchen to cook, nip and (hopefully) clean up.
Your teen is likely to use your kitchen as a ready-made food source, so investing in hardy floors that won’t wear easily is another good idea. Also, consider small touches like rearranging your pantry and your fridge to put their favourite foods in plain sight. This can save time and – in the case of your fridge – energy.

Teens need what you want them to do to be explicit, so areas that are open and inviting will make it easier for them to make meals. A good house plan can be as detailed as defining an area where the toasters and/or sandwich presses sit side-by-side with bread that’s ready to go for hungry stomachs on the move.

A Retreat That Works for Everyone

Setting up an inviting rumpus room where your teenagers can entertain is another good idea. This not only helps them to develop socially, it also gives you the peace of mind that they are in a safe place. Try coupling their PlayStation or Xbox with some nice concealing cabinets that sit with the television set. This way your children get easy access to entertainment and you have an elegant solution to hide their games and uphold your décor.

If you’re designing your dream home, consider a separate living space for teens to entertain. This way you can section them off when their friends are over, letting Mum and Dad enjoy a quiet night in the next room.

Talk to an expert

PJ Burns your local custom home builders in Sunshine Coast, with experience in design and construction, along with house extensions and new house plans. Talk to one of our house builders in Brisbane – Sunshine Coast to Hervey Bay – we will help you to build a home that’s perfect for your growing family!



Trending Styles for Kitchens

Take design cues from the latest trending styles from the runways at fashion week to create a glamorous focal point for your home. With a simple colour palette and by adding glamorous metallic accents, you can create a stylish and functional kitchen that will be the envy of all your dinner guests. Try these simple kitchen ideas when renovating or building your dream home for a kitchen that’s about more than just eating food.

White Hot

Clean, striking and timeless, white cabinets are a versatile choice for any kitchen. White cabinetry works with multiple design styles – including traditional, country chic, and contemporary – and opens the room to a range of decor choices and colour palettes. There really are no boundaries with a white backdrop. Continuing the white throughout the kitchen will also help to make your space appear much bigger.

Luxe Metallics

While silver, chrome and stainless steel are three metallics commonly used in the kitchen, we’re currently seeing some warmer metals, like gold, copper and bronze as well. Their texture and gleaming finish provide a stunning accent to most palette choices, standing out brilliantly against the simplicity of all white cabinetry.

Industrial Lighting and Fixtures

Your kitchen needs to be well lit in order to keep up with your culinary adventures, but also provide the perfect place for conversation and mingling. An industrial look can work well for kitchens, as it lends to that commercial, professional feel. Some key industrial elements include: black steel, stainless steel, wire cage sconces, clear glass and old-fashioned style lightbulbs, copper or brass, rivets and other industrial hardware.

Multitasking Areas

Family kitchens are more frequently including a workstation hidden behind kitchen cabinet doors, or are created as an extension to the kitchen cabinetry. Born from the increased demand for work/life balance, these areas tend to have extra power points built in for charging electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Streamlined Spaces

As they become an increasing popular area for entertaining, people generally want to showcase a clean, streamlined and uncluttered kitchen space. This has led to more sleek lines and handle-free cabinetry dominating design looks. Those with more space to play with are opting to include a butler’s pantry in or adjacent to their kitchen area, often with a second sink. These are ideal for homeowners who love to entertain and keep their kitchen clean and simple while keeping dirty dishes and glasses out of sight. Deep drawers for stacking are still the storage of choice in the kitchen itself.

Kitchen or Living?

Kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly reminiscent of fine furniture, and counters and islands are becoming more and more like dining tables. With open plan layouts not going out of style anytime soon, banquet seating has become the ideal offering of comfortable seating for people who congregate in the kitchen for more than just the food.

Ask An Expert

With so many kitchen design ideas, styles and layouts available, creating your dream kitchen is easier than ever, even when customising from an existing floor plan. As an award winning residential and commercial builder, the friendly team at PJ Burns Builder can offer you a direct personalised service to decide on the perfect design to suit you. Browse through our extensive range of designs or contact us today for a consultation.



The Perfect Kitchen Design For Entertaining

Lots of people are using their kitchen as the primary space for home entertaining. There are a lot of ways to ensure the functionality of this home hub, both for cooking and entertaining! Here’s some simple tips on how to either design or look out for kitchen designs that provide an ease of conversation and movement, while still allowing plenty of room for the chef of the house to get on with what they do best – cook up a storm!

Bring The Indoors Out

If your kitchen opens out to an alfresco area, large bi-fold doors look super chic and can easily transform the kitchen into a large entertainment area. An indoor/outdoor design makes the most of the space you have available and encourages movement between the kitchen, the living area, and the deck or patio. Do away with the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room too, so even when you’re playing the perfect host, you can still enjoy the party and mingle with guests.

Get Organised

It’s much more inviting for guests to arrive to a tidy space. Think carefully about what needs to be stored or presented in your kitchen and how to do it. Deep drawers are a great way to store plates, pots and pans as they provide easy access to your most used kitchen supplies. Maximise the space you have to avoid cluttering work surfaces, and utilise that space under the sink! Most importantly, you need a functional kitchen that you and your guests will enjoy being in.

Out Of Sight

If you can afford the space, a butler’s pantry is the ultimate utility room to keep storage and cleaning away from the main kitchen and entertainment area. Fitted with a sink, it keeps dirty dishes out of sight, showcasing your kitchen as a glistening focal point for eating and socialising in.

Install An Island

An island in the kitchen provides guests with room to sit, eat and socialise on one side, while still giving adequate preparation space on the other. This allows everyone to gather together and share occasions without feeling overwhelmed or confined. Islands can be placed vertical, horizontal, or diagonal to the rest of your kitchen and can be made even better with bar or stool seating, which also makes a fantastic breakfast bar. Adding a second sink or small wine cooler to your island can transform it into a wet bar to further impress your guests and make it even easier to entertain while cooking.

Functionality Above All

The kitchen design should never come at the cost of functionality, as you can’t effectively entertain at home if you can’t prepare and cook efficiently.  Plan for the essentials first: your stove and oven, fridge, and sink. Where each of these appliances is located will impact your ability to cook and socialise in your new kitchen while entertaining guests.

For more ideas on designing the perfect kitchen for entertaining, browse through our extensive range of designs and display homes or contact the PJ Burns team today for a consultation.

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