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Ideas to introduce colour into your kitchen.

Deciding on a design and colour palette that suits your needs and fits your space is key to creating your dream kitchen in your new PJ Burns Builder home.

We are noticing the traditional all-white palettes are now often being replaced with palettes featuring fun pops of colour, patterns and textures by the way of splashbacks, cabinetry and finishings.

Here, we describe a few ways you can incorporate colour into your kitchen.

Encaustic Look Tiles

Encaustic look tiles are a stunning way to add style and personality to your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, and will transform your space.

Available in multi-colour and bold patterns there is something special about encaustic look tiles, that create an eye-catching statement.

Images: Design Inspiration via Tile Cloud

Coloured Cabinetry

Green has been named as the ‘it’ cabinetry colour of 2019 and for good reason! It’s earthy and organic and when used as a accent feature provides a luxe statement with a timeless appeal.

Images: Design Inspiration via Three Birds ‘House 9’

Furnishings and accessories

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed element in your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, there are multiple ways of incorporating colour after handover by showcasing a removable object, such as, a bold vase, vivid appliances, or even bright bar stools.

Keep in mind, adding colour in this way, allows you the freedom of updating your colour palette with each season

Feature Lighting

Feature Pendants are a great way to softly bring colour into your kitchen, and enhance your everyday living.

Available in so many different finishes and colours, this simple design element is guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen space.

Images: Design Inspiration via Jardan

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The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen

As we all know kitchen is the most used space in most homes. While it’s a practical space that needs to work for everyone in the family, it’s also a place that needs to look inviting, friendly, comfortable and clean.
If you’re looking to build a new house, one of the first things to do is to find trusted custom house builders. These experts can assist you with your entire house plan, including your kitchen, assisting you with design, fixtures, fittings and other details.
Selecting tiles that are practical and attractive requires a little planning and persistence. Here are five tips that will help you make the right decision.

1. Determine Your Budget
How much you have to spend will determine where and how many tiles you can lay. The floor may not be negotiable, but a fully tiled backsplash may be.

2. How Do You Use the Kitchen?
If you use your kitchen all day, work from home or you love to cook with the family on the weekends, consider how many people are in the kitchen at any one time. How you move around the kitchen will have an impact on the quality and location of tiles you select.

A cork or bamboo floor tile definitely won’t last as long as a ceramic tile, while a stone floor tile may be too slippery for a hard-working kitchen or a household with a young family.

3. Know Your Tiles
There are many different kinds of tiles – some are more suited to the floor while others would only be used above the floor. Floor tiles can be ceramic, quarry (such as limestone), stone (marble), cork, vinyl or even bamboo, whilst wall tiles can be made of glass, porcelain, and also ceramic, quarry or stone.

4. The Floor
Start at the bottom and make sure you have a surface that meets the demands of the hardest working floor in your home. If you want to retain the flow of a timber floor, consider the finish that will most resist everyday use. If you have a breakfast bar that’s in constant use, the floor needs to be extra hardy. With tiles, you need to think about how resistant to damage they are from hard and heavy items dropping on them, and how slippery they may be after a mop or a spill.

A textured ceramic tile or quarry tile will provide just the right texture to prevent a slip and will add a depth of character to your kitchen floor that defines it as the hub of your home.

5. The Walls
While tiles are a natural choice for a backsplash or behind a stove, they can also be used decoratively to create a feature within the kitchen. Backsplashes of glass printed with photographs can easily date a kitchen while a classic high-gloss tile can add a point of visual interest that has lasting value without committing to a popular trend. Glass mosaics are timeless, but require more maintenance than a high gloss tile in black, white or a striking neutral shade.

Help from Experienced Sunshine Coast Builders

With almost 40 years of experience, PJ Burns has an award-winning house builders team. Call us to talk to one of our house designs expert in Sunshine Coast about creating a brilliant kitchen with tiles.

Kitchen Splash

Image via insideout.

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