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A Few Valuable Notes on Preparing for your Colours Consultation!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

So you have signed your preliminary agreement, obtained your plans and costings and you are booking your colours consultation with our in-house designer! Well, get ready for an exciting day in designers' heaven and then a quick road to your final contract.

What do you need to know?

Firstly, your consultation can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and will take place in our colours selections room at the Boat Harbour Drive Display Home.

Leading up to the consultation the consultant will send you an email with details on the meeting and availability for bookings. The consultant will also give you a rough guide of what is covered, a rundown on popular suppliers and products as well as advice on each item covered. Its always a good idea to have a read through and do some planning if you feel like you need it.

PJ Burns Builder Display Home in Hervey Bay
Photo by PJ Burns: Display Home in Hervey Bay

How much should you prepare?

As much or as little as you like! But if you feel like you are over doing it and you feel stressed - slow down a bit.

- We recommend to most of our clients to at the very least come into the consultation with an idea of what you want your home to feel like, and in your opinion what those homes tend to look like.

- Some clients will put together a few interior/exterior photos which describe what styling they are looking for - we highly recommend as this is valuable to helping the consultant to get a clear concept of what you are looking for.

- Occasionally clients even do some research on products and visit some of our suppliers. This really can help if you plan on spending a little extra. Although not necessary it can help you get a clear picture for our consultant on more complicated projects, meaning that your money is best spent how you want it to be.

What will you cover on the day with our consultant?

On the day the consultant will start by getting a picture of your goal. If you dont have a goal in mind then that is fine too; the consultant will have a chat with you on the purpose of your project and who will be inhabiting it. The consultant will also make the process clear for you and address any concerns with the colours consultation.

- Firstly the consultant will cover the exterior of your home. They will discuss with you the facade that you have, your landscaping plans, the products and the colours on the outside of your home. - The consultant will then cover the interior styling and products. They will cover the trims, interior paints, doors, floorings, hardware, walls etc.

- Then the consultant will focus in on the kitchen. You will go through the specifics of your kitchen design, panel colours, hardware, benchtops, splashbacks, etc.

- The wetrooms will then be covered where cabinetry and the tiling is discussed. - And lastly, plumbing fixtures, appliances and any other small items will be covered.

Its Simple!

How should you budget?

When it comes to budgeting, it is important that from the beginning of the project you communicate with your sales consultant. Your consultant may be able to give you an indication on how much to put aside for your colours selection based on your goals.

Sometimes no extra at all is spent at the colours selection - a stunning home can still be done without spending a cent. PJ Burns has fantastic long term relationships with its suppliers and has a a level of finish and of product selection desired by its competitors.

During the colours selection, the consultant will have a form which is used to record items that impact on the price which will then go to the estimator (the consultant will always make it clear what may cost extra or less than the allowance). After the colours consultation you will receive this back form with a breakdown of the cost increases and decreases from the selection and you have the opportunity to approve or pass on each individual item.

Kitchen design and styling ideas in a PJ Burns Home
Design Inspiration: Homes built by PJ Burns Builder

We have your back!

We have plenty of experience and every member at PJ Burns is an expert in their respective fields. Your colours consultant is able to walk you through the process with as much or as little assistance as you need. There is no limit to what you can achieve and we will not let your design go astray. We also pride ourselves on our willingness to give advice and to help you achieve your goals plus we have some excellent experienced-based insights which you may not hear elsewhere in the building industry.


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