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Custom Designs

If you are interested in building a Custom Home or if the Standard Designs don't work for you then you have come to the right builder! PJ Burns Builder has a rich history and endless experience when it comes to custom designs. We have designed and built custom homes of almost all styles and scales with top-notch quality and pride.

When you are building a custom home it is your intention to make every dollar in your budget work towards your dream and it's difficult to find the right balance. This is where our experience is incredibly valuable! When conceptualizing a home we are up-front with you and know what it takes to get your ideas to work.

The first step to building a Custom Home is to Contact Us and discuss what you are after. We can organize a free consultation to answer all of your questions and to put together a brief based on your budget and site. We can then give you a rough estimate and plan before you sign your preliminary agreement. Our expert team will then draw plans, obtain site data and then cost the design ready for your colours consultation and contract.

Check out Our Blog and also our Photo Gallery for some inspiration when thinking about your new home! Also be sure to keep up with our socials for our current and past projects.

Custom architectural home on rural land in QLD
Inspiration interior design of home in QLD
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