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Standard Inclusions

Building with PJ Burns means that you can be confident that the important things are included, it will be of the quality that you expect and there will be no dirty surprises! We take a lot of pride in the way we build. It's not all only about the fancy words, It's about the quality of the materials that we use and the building practices that we undertake which means that we do it just that little bit better (we do the things you likely would never know you have to ask for).

A simple standard PJ Burns home is typically what other builders would call an upgrade; Basically our standard is an unique, very robust, well built, and well-designed home. Our package can also be fairly flexible. We make it a goal to have available as many products and colors as possible and with a relatively generous builders allowance. We also are more than happy to look into any upgrade that you might want as we do our best to provide unlimited options.

How we see it; we are perfect for people that like keep things simple but want quality and a good selection, however, we are also the experts for people who have a complete vision of what they would like to achieve with their new home but just need to make it happen!


Colours Selection

Early in the design process the major specification items are outlined and priced. Near the end of the design process, we give you a day with our in-house designer to fill in the details and draft up your specification. Smaller colour related upgrades can be made on this day also.

On the day of colour selections, we will cover the external colours, interior colours, kitchen colours, bathroom colours, and products, and all the little details in between. We are proud to have a well-stocked colours room ready for your consultation. so that you don't need to travel! Feel free to Contact Us at any time to find out more.

Make sure to check out Our Blog and also our Photo Gallery for some inspiration when thinking about your new home!

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