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Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQ)

Whether you are building a new home or even your 10th investment property, building can be stressful and confronting.

The staff at PJ Burns Builder have always prided themselves on being time generous, helpful, honest, and up-front. We prefer that you are well informed and comfortable with the building industry.

Our staff are always more than happy to answer your questions on building and we will do everything we can to guide you to where you want to be.

We have included this FAQ Page to hopefully cover some of your questions about PJ Burns, the way we operate, our homes and the building process.


If you need further guidance, feel welcome to Contact Us.

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  • So is the ABCB NCC?
    The NCC Stands for (National Construction Code). The ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) is the organisation, on behalf of the government, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the NCC for construction, as well as the testing and standardization schemes; CodeMark and WaterMark for products and materials. The ABCB Provides the NCC to prescribe classification for, requirements for a minimum level of health, safety, amenity accessibility and sustainability in all Australian buildings. A good builder or trades-person is well-versed in understanding these requirements to ensure that your home meets code!
  • What is significant about the NCC 2022?
    The NCC 2022 is a very significant update to the NCC. The NCC 2022 not only restructures a large part of its documentation for legibility, adds more supplementary documentation, but also features significant changes, as well as new additions which fundamentally changes the way homes are built in Australia. Small additions and changes the the old code are largely for the purpose of further improving the overall quality of homes, which is significant as many of the homes in Australia have been built to the minimum requirement (or below) and are not as livable, robust or safe as they could be. The changes also address some holes and issues in the old code with regard to condensation and waterproofing plus that of a few other areas. There are also significant changes relating to like the energy efficiency of homes and how they are to be assessed. The most notable change which effects the design of homes themselves, is the addition of the livable housing provisions. The livable housing design guidelines are now written in code to be ensure a "silver" level in Australian homes. This means that where applicable there is to be larger room sizes, hallway, door sizes, step-free dwelling access, stepfree and hobless shower, reinforces walls for addition of future handrails, and other items. This means that every builder is required to design their homes differently. For PJ Burns Builder, it is relieving to see that other builders are being made to build to a more acceptable standard. We also are very glad that homes are going to be safer and more accessible, for more Australians! We do however need to redevelop all of our standard designs and specifications and we do ask your patience as we roll this documentation throughout 2022, however we are well informed and are already building homes with the new code in mind. As a footnote, these codes may be subject to change as there are few changes proposed and clarifications requested in the industry, as like what can be expected after any significant change to the way homes are built nationwide. We have been keeping our ear very close to the ground in this area and taking precautions where necessary.
  • What does PJ Burns Builder do?
    PJ Burns Builder typically design and build lowset residential dwellings in a variety of different styles. Specifically, we are renowned for our hampton homes and affordable, higher quality homes. We also design and build: - Lowset Homes (single story homes) - Highset Homes (multi story homes) - Multi Residential (units, medium-rise etc.) - Specialty Homes (duplex, dual occupancy, granny flats, specific requirement homes) - Custom Homes - Luxury Homes - Sheds when built with a home - Spec Homes (new and ready to move in) We do not buy and sell land. BYOL (Bring Your Own Land)
  • Does PJ Burns Builder do House and Land Packages?
    PJ Burns Builder does not do House and Land Packages. We have relationships with realestate agents however all builds are BYOL (Bring Your Own Land). We do not want to limit our clients in the designs they can build. We believe that clients deserve to have control over what they build, where they live and what is included. On the flip/side we can be contracted to build a investment property and we occasionally build a spec home.
  • What does PJ Burns Include? What flexability is there?
    Luckily we have an entire page and some downloads dedicated to our Standard Inclusions. We only provide one quality turnkey package with everything you need, essentially, except for landscaping and "optional items". Plus, we only use high quality products and we do not leave out the little things that other builders compromise on. We are also very flexible on our package. We understand that every person has specific needs and wants and we tailor the build to best suit you! You can discuss with our sales team on what you require.
  • Do you do Custom Designs?
    Yes! But what is even better; we have our own in-house draftsperson/designer which means that we have a fantastic level of control and efficiency! We also have in-house colours consultation and can we expertly finalise your project without outsourcing.
  • How and When do I pick the colours and products for my home?
    Early in the design process we will outline and tailor your package to best suit you, complete the design and then you will be ready to pick colours and finalize the contract preparation. Luckily, we have an in-house consultant, you do not need to travel to do your colours selections! Our expert in-house colours consultant will have a meeting with you once your design is finalised. This is your opportunity to fine-tune your costings, set the colours for your home and polish the details. Once the colours consultation is done; the Building Contract is not far away!
  • How do I find land?
    We have long lasting relationships with many of the realestate agents and developers in the area and we can provide you with recommendations based of where you would like to live. We can also provide general and specific advice depending on your situation to help you find the right block (for your budget). We build on your land once your purchase of the land has settled, however, we can start planning the build prior to finalisation of the property to help you save some time.
  • Can you inspect my land before I purchase the land or before I sign up with PJ Burns Builder?
    We are more than happy to help you out wherever we can and we always provide a free site inspection. We ensure a site inspection done before planning every job. In most cases this will be done prior to you signing up with PJ Burns Builder.
  • When can I get a price to build?
    From your first contact with PJ Burns Builder we can provide a rough estimate of the cost to build. Our initial estimates are typically fairly accurate (as a testament to our experienced team). We are only able to provide a more accurate estimate after a Preliminary Agreement is signed and the Preliminary Deposit is paid (meaning that you have engaging PJ Burns Builder to do all necessary searches, designs, specifications and preparation of the contract). The deposit is deducted from the first contract stage payment. The Fixed Price Contract is complete after all searches and after the design is completely finished, however, you will still have a fairly accurate price as soon as the soils and site data has been obtained and once the engineering is complete.
  • How long does the entrie build process take?
    We always advise getting in touch with our sales team as the building industry is constantly evolving; but in times when the industry is stable we can expect; - 4-8 weeks from Preliminary Agreement till Building Contract depending on complexity of the project. - 2-3 weeks from Building Contract signing till Development Approval depending on complexity of the project. - 0-4 weeks from Development Approval till Commencement depending on the next available slot. - 14-20 weeks from Commencement till Practical Completion depending on complexity of the project. Please note that this is indicative of the typical project and assuming there are no issues with finance.
  • How do I pay for my project?
    We see that Our clients typically are paying either with their own savings or paying with the aid of finance and if this is the case your institution of choice or a broker can guide you on the specifics as every financier is different. The payments you will need to make are; - Preliminary Deposit (at the time of signing the Preliminary Agreement. Usually this will be out of pocket as your finance will not yet be approved) - Remaining Balance of the Deposit (at the time of the contract. This is your first Stage Payment) - Slab Stage Payment - Frame Stage Payment - Roof Stage Payment - Enclosed Stage Payment - Fix-out Stage Payment - Practical Completion Payment (your last stage payment)
  • When can I go on site?
    You can visit site only when you have arranged a meeting onsite with the Building Supervisor. There are very strict Health and Safety practices that the builder, subcontractors and site owners must abide by.
  • Can I inspect my home before handover?
    Every client has the opportunity to inspect prior to handover. We like to do a walkthrough about a week prior to handover so that we can make sure everything is perfect. You are also able to meet our building supervisor on-site by appointment at any time during the build. Be rest assured, Our building supervisor also does stringent checks at all stages of the build. We are renowned in Hervey Bay for having some of the best Quality Control! We stand by our product and are exceedingly proud of our clean sites and our final product.
  • Can I bring my own design?
    You are more than welcome to present our sales consultants with a design and we can discuss this with you. You cannot however give us the plan of another builder/designer/architect without their acknowledgement and licencing of the design. Otherwise, we do have a very robust set of Standard Plans, Alternative Plans and we can also do Custom Designs!
  • More than 40 Years?
    Yes! Rick Burns has never let go of PJ Burns, and we have the same "Old School" build quality and experience you would expect. Our About Us section of the website details the History of PJ Burns.
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