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Terms & Conditions

This following document give some extra information and explains Terms and Conditions for PJ Burns Builder PTY LTD Advertising, Offers, Promotions, Marketing and Product Information material.

Throughout these Terms and Conditions and in any material produced, "PJ Burns Builder" or "PJ Burns" or "PJB" or "P.J Burns Builder" means PJ Burns Builder PTY LTD of 3 Tee Way, Urraween QLD 4655 and related business locations or display homes.

Always exercise diligence when observing any publication. It is always possible that the publication may be out of date and inaccurate and/or no longer relevant to products offered by PJ Burns Builder or its partners. It is also possible that material may not be wholly produced by, or accurately representative of PJ Burns Builder or its product. We are aware of other businesses with likeness of name and they should not be confused and/or affiliated with PJ Burns Builder PTY LTD. If ever in doubt of currency or relevance of any material, be sure to contact and confirm with our office.

The Changes in the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB): National Construction Code 2022 (NCC22)

The ABCB, throughout 2023, has been steadily rolling out the NCC22, and will be in full effect as of the 1st October 2023 (QLD Only. Other states have deferred changes due to the significant effect on the construction industry and the wider economy).

The NCC22 focuses on implementing/changing many codes which ultimately aim to raise bar in terms of quality, energy efficiency, safety and accessibility. At PJ Burns we have always been ahead of the game as for the quality and safety of our homes and have not been overly affected by these changes. However we have been largely impacted like all builders in QLD, by the new "Energy Efficiency" changes and "Liveable Housing Design" Implementation.

We will not be able to confirm final design details, inclusions and pricing until the time that the QLD Government releases the house energy rating software, assessments made and actions considered and executed our office. Although our homes have typically rated far above the minimum required star rating, due to the new changes it is possible that some homes will not meet the new requirement and cost adjustment will be required.

We are able to better predict the outcomes of the Liveable Housing Design Implementation. We have experience with Liveable Housing Design and have already for some time been planning the changes we will make to our plans and inclusions. This is however a tremendous task for our team and we appreciate your patience in rolling out the new material. All of our designs, specifications and our inclusions are subject to change in this transition period. Any plans that are not "NCC22 Ready" are subject to design amendment as to meet the new code. This can be discussed with our office when planning your new home, and we will make the changes as we go. 

This website is also being updated currently due to the changes. We are unable to predict when we will have the entire website up to date, however we are to assist if you need any assistance or if you have any questions on the new code or our product, or on the currency of the website and its content.

House and Land Packages

House and Land packages are our way of giving you an idea of how far your money can go, Plus they provide you with the opportunity to keep the process of building your new home a little more relaxed, but there are a few things to know...

Each House & Land package offered by PJ Burns Builder consists of Land and House which are sold separately. PJ Burns Builder is responsible only for the contract of the new proposed house and construction thereof. The land must be purchased separately via the nominated representative or agent for the developer, and titles must be obtained prior to signing a fixed price contract and construction with PJ Burns Builder. Legal advise should be sought where necessary. PJ Burns Builder is not to be assumed to be the registered owner nor agent of the land and is not licensed to sell blocks directly to purchasers.

The proposed design in a package is used as an indication only. The design may change for any reason for example, and not limited to; codes, regulations, local council requirements, site requirements or conditions etc, and the land purchaser must take due diligence on the suitability of land for any design, including those advertised in House and Land packages. Small modifications should be assumed to the plan on some lots, for example; reduced eaves; and this may not be represented in the floor plan or artists representation attached to the package brochure or advertising and is not an indication of suitability. Depictions may also show upgrades, site elements, facades, fences, landscaping, crossover, or vegetation etc. which are purely for inspiration only are are not included unless explicitly stated within the publication.

The advertised price and availability is correct at the time that a package is published however is subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. Prospective buyers should make their own inquiries and seek legal/financial advice if appropriate. The advertised price for a house and land package consists of the expected land purchase price + the proposed design construction price. The price does not include stamp duty, any unknown factors, piering, or additional costs due to the site, however H1 slabs are already included in the PJB standard ranges in an effort to give a more realistic price estimate typical of land in the Fraser Coast region. The price does not include any, extras, or upgrades which are applied unless explicitly noted in the package publication or advertisement. The house price can only be confirmed after the signing of a preliminary agreement as this enables PJB to obtain soils classification, confirmations by engineers, contour mapping, investigations and searches so that a fixed price contract can be formed. Please contact our office to query any package details.


At PJ Burns it is our mission to provide the best quality home for our clients, and in our packages we try to be a feature rich as possible while keeping our homes affordable. We do understand however that the House & Land packages that we offer may not suit everyone. We are more than happy to discuss custom design homes on any block, including those advertised in packages, and we also can work with you if you would like to see if one of our other standard plans will suit any block, or a block advertised in a package.

Spec Homes

From time to time PJ Burns Builder will announce or publish for sale a PJ Burns Builder Spec Home. Our spec homes are sold as house and land together as real-estate. Spec homes are purchased as is unless otherwise stated in the sales contract. Our spec homes might be based on standard plans or inclusions packages however they will often have upgrades or changes and they are not to be used as a representation of standard plans or inclusions. Our spec homes are usually ready to inspect upon appointment so feel free to give our team a call.

Advertising, Offers, Promotions

PJ Burns Builder may from time to time advertise limited offers and promotions, government grants and schemes, or other opportunities. These opportunities are limited, subject to eligibility criteria and can be withdrawn at any time. It is not the responsibility of PJ Burns Builder to apply for or mediate for government grants, schemes, or promotions run by partners of PJ Burns Builder. In most cases our team have preliminary information on hand in order to help you make the most of these opportunities.

General Product and Marketing Material

As part of our mission to build only premium quality homes and provide the best tailored experience for our clients, our in-house designers are continuously producing the most update material for the business to use for product information and marketing thereof. This material includes, but is not limited to; floor-plans, construction plans, photography artistic visualizations and renders, graphics, brochures, website & social media content etc. While every effort is maintained to ensure the accuracy and currency of this material, the industry moves very quickly and content can quickly become out of date. Our team will be able to provide the most current information.

This material may not always represent the PJ Burns Builder standard packages due to software limitation (Specifically in the case of artistic visualization) or due to customization, upgrades, extras or changes in a particular project. It must be understood that the best way to get accurate information is to contact us for up-to-date inclusions lists.

This website,, is created and maintained by PJ Burns Builders own staff. Every effort has gone into ensuring that the website and its content is displayed as intended however it is not possible to account for every type of device or browser. PJ Burns builder is not Liable for any damages or technical issues which arise from the use of the website. If any issues are found we may not know about them and we ask that you please Attn. the administrator via the Contact Us sections

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