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Design with joy

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Design with joy – how to create a new home that makes you feel happy!

When designing your new PJ Burns Builder home, consider little things that make you smile. Our team of creative experts can help you incorporate those small details in your home to create that feeling joy, based around current elements of your life that make you feel happy.

No matter how small it seems at the time, we will experience little moments of joy in our everyday life. These small sparks of joy are powerful + when considered for your new home, they will become the building blocks to happiness.

There are a few elements to consider, to simply apply this idea to your new home design. Read on for joy-inducing ideas that might appeal to you.

Rediscover Nature.

Idea: Nature nourishes our souls, so when work (or school) life gets a bit much, we often retreat to nature.

Designer Tip: Bring the inside out by considering your surroundings with the layout and position of your home. Perhaps you have a constant view outside, or established trees on your block – it’s a simple way to bring happy vibes into your home. Don’t overlook indoor plants or a vase full of fresh flowers when decorating.

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Instagram

Let light flood in.

Idea: Natural light + the warmth of the sun are uplifting + energizing.

Designer Tip: Consider the orientation of your home + the position of the natural light to enjoy different spaces, at different times of the day. White or bright internal paint colours will bring visual feshness + warmth into your new PJ Burns Builder home. Keep in mind that during our preliminary site visits, we will inspect + evaluate your home for your first concept, preliminary plans and price, visit our youtube chanel for examples of this.

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Facebook

Create harmony.

Idea: A well balanced life leads to happiness + the same goes when designing your new home.

Designer Tip: Feature pendant lights are a simple + affordable way to bring balance into the design of your new PJ Burns Builder home. Keep in mind that balance in design doesn’t always mean matching or symmetry.

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Instagram

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can custom design your dream home and help you choose the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



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