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Ideas to introduce colour into your kitchen

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Ideas to introduce colour into your kitchen.

Deciding on a design and colour palette that suits your needs and fits your space is key to creating your dream kitchen in your new PJ Burns Builder home.

We are noticing the traditional all-white palettes are now often being replaced with palettes featuring fun pops of colour, patterns and textures by the way of splashbacks, cabinetry and finishings.

Here, we describe a few ways you can incorporate colour into your kitchen.

Encaustic Look Tiles

Encaustic look tiles are a stunning way to add style and personality to your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, and will transform your space.

Available in multi-colour and bold patterns there is something special about encaustic look tiles, that create an eye-catching statement.

Images: Design Inspiration via Tile Cloud

Coloured Cabinetry

Green has been named as the ‘it’ cabinetry colour of 2019 and for good reason! It’s earthy and organic and when used as a accent feature provides a luxe statement with a timeless appeal.

Images: Design Inspiration via Three Birds ‘House 9’

Furnishings and accessories

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed element in your PJ Burns Builder kitchen, there are multiple ways of incorporating colour after handover by showcasing a removable object, such as, a bold vase, vivid appliances, or even bright bar stools.

Keep in mind, adding colour in this way, allows you the freedom of updating your colour palette with each season

Feature Lighting

Feature Pendants are a great way to softly bring colour into your kitchen, and enhance your everyday living.

Available in so many different finishes and colours, this simple design element is guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen space.

Images: Design Inspiration via Jardan

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can custom design your dream home and help you choose the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



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