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Interior design ideas to elevate your home!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Interior design ideas to elevate your home!

With so many platforms and beautiful images availabile to us daily, it is easy to become overwhelmed by options and choices when it comes to the interior design of your new PJ Burns Builder home. We have broken it down to simple elements and steps for you to consider, when designing and decorating each space of your new PJ Burns Builder home.

Let light in.

Beautiful lighting will make a space, a whilst your floor plan will usually determine your lighting plan, making the most of natural light is always a good idea.

Natural light constantly changes throughout the day, and is one of the lovely and noticable elements to suprise you, when settling into your new home and watching the morning and afternoon light move through each space.

A home that faces north and east, will make the most of our coastal climate, while naturally allowing light and heat flowing through your home. A thoughtfully designed space will take advantage of the natural light during the day.

To create a mood and add ambience, incorporate interesting windows or feature pendants, wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps into your interior design, rather than filling each space with too many downlights.

Designer Tip: As part of the PJ Burns experience, keep in mind that you will be provided with the opportunity to walk through your new home with our experienced electrician, at frame stage, to ensure your new home is transformed into your dream home.  

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Instagram

Colour changes everything.

Your colour palette is an important element of interior design and effectivly achieving the style your going for.

The 60/30/10 rule, is popular with interior designers, and rightfully so. The 60 percent refers to your main colour, which acts as the backdrop or anchor for the space you are designing. The 30 percent refers to your secondary colour, of which needs to have it’s own identity while toning harmoniously with your main colour. The 10 percent refers to your statement colour, which depending on your design inspiration is your chance to get creative and add that pop of colour adding character and attention.

When selecting colours, both natural and artificial light will change the way colours appear and feel in each space. For confidence in your decision, order a sample pot or A4 colour swatches via Dulux website to get the most accurate example of the final result.

Designer Tip: As part of the PJ Burns experience, keep in mind that you will be provided with the opportunity to complete a colour consultation with our wonderful interior designer, during the preliminary process, to ensure your vision and design inspiration is brought to life.  

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Facebook

Texture is paramount.

The first thing to remember when it comes to texture within interior design, is balance. Balance your matt stone finishes, with a soft throw or cushion from adairs, your naturally darker materials with a lighter tone of woven rug from rugs of beauty, or your shiny, glossy surface with a stonewashed linen from deiji studios.

Designer Tip: An easy way to incorporate texture into the structure of your new home, is with a feature wall cladding, tile or exposed trusses. Discuss options and costs involved during the designing stage of the process, your options are only limited by your imagination and budget!

Images: Design Inspiration via PJ Burns Facebook


Arguably the most important consideration in designing a room is how your home and design flows between spaces.

Be mindful how you + your family use the current space you are living in, and visualise your furniture pieces on your floor plan during the preliminary design stage. It is important to leave enough space between significant furniture pieces for your to comfortably transition between spaces.

Designer Tip: Consider unusable space, such as a void or high ceilings and incorporate statement lighting or exposed trusses to bring your new home interior to life.

Images: Design Inspiration via homes to love.

Need further guidance on getting started? We have a team of experts here to guide you through the process. Say hello to Simon via the live chat on our website and get inspired to start building today!

No matter your design style, we’d love to hear from you & help bring your dreams to life. Contact us about our range of stunning home designs, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual style, or talk to us about how we can custom design your dream home and help you choose the right block today. p: 07 5457 7600 / e:



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