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Making Your Renovation Pay its Way

Making Your Renovation Pay its Way

With new house prices showing no sign of slowing down, it’s worth considering a renovation of your existing home with a floor plan that not only updates but extends your options. When you’re thinking of renovating, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Why are you renovating?

  2. How long do you plan on living in the house?

  3. What’s the budget?

If you need more space for a growing family, an extra bedroom, play area or bathroom may be the answer to your first question.

How long you plan on living in the home will inform you on how much you need to plan for the future. If you have a dream house floor plan, it may be worth investing now to save reworking your floor plan again in the future. A custom-design build with an experienced builder can be a cost-effective way to add value to your existing home. Once you’re happy with the floor plans for your house, an experienced builder can help with everything from the finishes to the fixtures. Your budget may also determine whether you stay on-site or move out while construction is underway.

Quick and Easy Tips to Add Value

Paint and paper – A fresh coat of paint will always make a home look cleaner, fresher, brighter and welcoming. A contemporary feature wall of a floral printed wallpaper can instantly lift a room and give it a personality all its own. Kitchen confident – If your kitchen has a good layout, but its old and tired, updating the cabinet doors and adding new appliances can make it appear completely new. If your bench tops are in good order, leave them and invest in soft closing drawers to give the kitchen that luxury design feeling at a fraction of the cost. Energy savers – With the rising costs of gas and electricity, energy efficient lighting, solar hot water as well as zoned and timed temperature control systems increase the appeal of a home to buyers, particularly when interest rates are unsteady. Energy efficient downlights are essential in modern house designs, as are zoned cooling systems that compliment homes designed for warmer climates. Alfresco year-round – An alfresco deck is like another living room; an outdoor space that can be used year-round for entertaining, dining or relaxing.

Taking a Long-Term View

If you love your home, its locations, and even your neighbours, then consider investing in your property for the longer term. Renovations combine the benefits of old-world charm with modern facilities and extensions. Choosing renovations can be rewarding both financially and a fantastic lifestyle choice.

Get Answers from the Experts

Want to learn more about the benefits of renovating your home? Contact one of our home design experts or learn more about PJ Burns’ award-winning designs and new build homes.


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