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The Smart Spenders Guide to Seductive Design

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Many people when they hear "custom Home" immediately associate; expense, poor value, unobtainable luxury, and effort - prospective home builders sometimes avoid custom homes due to uncertainty and ultimately miss out on their "feel good" home that could have been. In truth, a custom home that is stylish, unique, and appealing does not have to obliterate your budget and it may be easier than you think.

Your Block and Sitting

If your block is good to build on this then this point is fairly inexpensive... Pay careful attention to the orientation of your design; capturing views, obtaining good daylight access in the morning and noon which penetrates into your home, avoiding the harsh western sun, and controlling the corridors of airflow on the site to cool your home in summer. Also, be sure to spend some extra time making sure that you have some flexible space for your landscape design to evolve organically after your home is completed.

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Example of Site Analysis:

This topic is too large to dive into within in this blog post alone, but simply, it is very important to spend time on your block (at different times of day) and consider your specific plan on your block. A well considered home will not feel "murky", "sunbaked" or "stale" but lends itself to be comfortable and inhabitable. We are always here to help you with this because we strongly believe that this is one of the most important factors in design.

Designer Tip: Have a chat with your neighbors! Most neighbors will be more than happy to share their experiences (including at different times of the year) and provide their opinions of how you can make the most of your block.

The Design of your Home

Whether it be a Modified Design, Standard Design, or a Custom Design; Be sure to think about the special spaces... Even some of the largest homes do not have a places to "sit", don't have any nooks for furniture or sentimental pieces, and don't even provide any eloquent details or views. It is these features that compel a strong sense of home but also give flexibility for change and rearrangement which is vital to keep a home feeling fresh.

further to this, you may also need to consider scale. A large home can indeed feel grand, but can often cost more money than you are comfortable spending. It's clear that if a home is to be larger than most homes, the features in the home should justify it otherwise it may feel risk feeling empty and cold. Smaller homes, on the other hand, can leave plenty of budget for detail, personalization, and space for outdoor living and landscaping which can organically develop over time with relatively little cost.

We have a skilled in-house designer and experienced sales consultants that are more than qualified to help make your home a reality.

Texture and Color

One of the most overlooked ways to make your home POP is with the texture and colours - especially in rooms or spaces which usually don't have any point of focus (bedrooms, rumpus, media, hallways) etc.

Interior Details Interior Cladding Sink Mixer and Feature Light PJ Burns Builder
Design Inspiration: Home by PJ Burns Builder

Doors - Perhaps the easiest way to create a sense of harmony in the home is with your interior doors! We are more than happy to provide a quote at colours stage for different door profiles. There is such a huge range of doors available and usually, they do not cost much at all. Wall/Ceiling Paneling - Decorative wall panelings had all but vanished not too long ago but with time they are making a gradual comeback. Some interior wall paneling systems are very affordable and provide so many different options for your home. The way that bounced colour and lighting interact with decorative paneling is truly beautiful. You can even paint them as a feature wall to make a real statement!

Feature Walls - After moving into your home doing a DIY Feature wall is not only easy and inexpensive but fun too! Don't be scared to consider solid colour or even find some morefeel-good whimsical inspiration on Pintrest.

Cabinetry - Don't underestimate the delight of textured/coloured cabinetry. Even subtle textures and colours can make your home feel unique. Often there is not even an increase in cost - many of the more stylish finishes are just the same cost as simple white cabinetry. Your colours consultant can walk you through your options if you are interested.


We all know of the importance of light; without it we would not see anything at all. But focusing on getting some nice fittings around the home and as well thinking about how different types of light may interact with different spaces and textures and colours is a commonly overlooked way to control mood and to give a sense of intrigue and charm.

Some spaces demand good quality natural or artificial light, but other spaces may benefit from softer light, dappled light or maybe light that is cooler or warmer. Your consultant is invaluable when discussing lighting, but dont be afraid to get creative.

Closeup of 3 Wheat Coloured Feature Lights in PJ Burns Home
Design Inspiration: Home by PJ Burns Builder

Hardware and Fixtures

Though it can start getting a little more expensive, there is still a huge range of reasonably priced plumbing fixtures and hardware that when harmonized can be the shining crown of your home - just a small upgrade can make your home really stand out! We have a huge range of products available for you to choose from.

Have Fun and Get in touch with Us!

Don't forget your furniture and your decor; A rocking chair here, some french linen over there and some ornamental pieces that tell a story too! If you have fun and spend some time thinking and playing with ideas - your home will surely thankyou. We are always here for you if you need to bounce ideas too, your colours selection specifically is a fantastic opportunity to have a chat about what you are thinking. Sharing your ideas, being open to suggestions and enjoying the process leads to a feel good home that is worth more than any budget can offer. Book an appointment with us in Hervey Bay and call on 07 4124 7333 today and start your journey! #customhome #builder #newhome #customhome #spaces #interiordesign #designideas #homeideas #herveybaybuilder #buildingadvice #buildinginspiration #budgetdesign #smartspending #futurehome #inspirational


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