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New Homes

PJ Burns Builder has been designing and building new homes for more than 40 years - more than enough time to develop and refine floor plans to not only be interesting but also to suit the broad scope of needs that our clients have.

When looking to build you can be faced with so many confusing investment options; it's hard to know how to best invest your hard-earned money. At PJ Burns, we don't only care about building your dream for the right price, we also care about giving you the correct advice so that you can be confident to make the right choices.

To help ensure that making decisions is a little easier, we have a few different options as to how you can build.
With PJ Burns Builder you can build:

- A Standard Design with Standard or Modified Inclusions

- A Modified Standard Design with Standard or Modified Inclusions

- An Alternative Design with Standard or Modified Inclusions

- A Custom Design with Standard or Modified Inclusions

It is best to discuss with our expert sales team your specific circumstances when looking to build. We can help you find your perfect design and we can also help you tailor your inclusions to suit you best. Talking to us about your circumstances means that you don't have to guess, plus you know what is possible and within your budget... It's Simple!

Building a Standard Design is usually best for first home buyers, downsizes, investors, and people trying to keep the price down while keeping the process simple. After picking a Standard Plan it is then just a case of discussing colours, any upgrades and discussing your perfect facade.

Our standard plans are very carefully crafted with our typical clients and lots in mind and our homes are built to an exceeding standard.

New hampton home in hervey bay

Building an Alternative Design is usually best for those who need something a little bit different. Our range of Alternative Designs include small plans and detached dual occupancy plans, more specific single storey plans, double storey plans, duplex plans and attached dual occupancy plans.

Our alternative plans are a popular selection of older PJ Burns plans which have served clients with more specific requirements.

New hampton style home with porch in hervey bay

Building a Custom Design is usually best for those who either cannot find a design to suit, require something specific or who have a vision and wish to build something a little bit unique. A Custom Design is also often required when you are building on a difficult lot.

We have all of the tools and the experience, in-house, to design and build your custom home. Come have a chat with us and outline your brief. We are more than happy to help you out!

New hampton custom home in Hervey Bay with inspirational facade

You also should also be sure to check out Our Blog and also our Photo Gallery for some inspiration when thinking about your new home! Our Blog has some fascinating insights into design and building, and our Photo Gallery is full of fantastic homes by PJ Burns, Standard, Modified, and Custom at all levels of specification.

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