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Attention First Home Owners

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Are you sick of renting and ready to be on your way to owning your brand new PJ Burns Builder home?!

Building your first home is a big deal, we understand it can be extremely exciting and sometimes overwhelming before you have all the information to consider. To break things down, there are two main components to consider, the first is investigating your options for finance, the second is finding the perfect home and land package combination.

Photograph: Design Inspiration for your new PJ Burns Builder home

Lets talk about finance.

There are different stages of finance approval, the first is meeting with your financier to set a budget to suit your needs, lifestyle and savings. The second is preliminiary finance approval which is provided from your financier once you have your PJ Burns Builder home contract and land contract. The third stage is unconditional loan approval, this is somtimes issued at stage two or othertimes issued once the contract is signed and council approved plans are issued, depending on your loan agreement and conditions.


How much deposit do I need?


As a guidance, with a total home and land package amount of $400,000 an estimation only for a minimum deposit required, is from $8,636 when taking advantage of Qld’s First Home Owners Grant. As the loan amount goes up, the minimum deposit amound also increases.

Of course there are elements such as legal fee’s, stamp duty and settlement costs to be considered, so for more information on the breakdown of fees or to arrange a consultation with a recommended financer, contact us on 07 5457 7600 or via the live chat on our website.

Photograph: A recently completed NEW PJ Burns Builder home

I have sorted by finances, now what?

Now you are ready for the exciting part! Finding the best PJ Burns home and land package combination to suit your family, lifestyle and budget.


Can I make changes to a standard design?


We do have a standard range of plans and inclusions. All elements of our plans, facades, inclusions can be customised and personalised to suit you. If you already have a sketch or are looking for something more customised, we can work from our plan or yours.

Photograph: A beautifully personalised NEW PJ Burns Builder home

PJ Burns Builder have been building new homes for first home buyers for over 41 years. Our team of experienced professionals are here to guide you through the exciting building process and are with you through each step of the way.


Our guide to the first home owners grant




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