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Considering a move to the Fraser Coast?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

When we talk to people who come to us looking to build a home we often hear the same story, "We were just traveling by and just fell in love with it". We think the Fraser Coast has a way of captivating the child in all of us - it's that memorable family holiday destination that you wish you didn't have to leave. We take pride in building dream homes for these people who want to make the Fraser Coast 'Home'.

The Fraser Coast and its twin cities; Hervey Bay & Maryborough, with the vibrant communities of; Burrum Heads, Dundowran Beach & Craignish, River Heads, Booral, Howard & Torbenlea, Tiaro, Yengarie, and Oakhurst, just to name a few; exchange many different vistas of Australian life and are all within remarkably close proximity. There are the quiet sleepy beach towns, modern lifestyle neighborhoods, fascinating historic towns, bustling beaches, picturesque farmland and pasture, and a fair share of Australian National Parks. It is also an honor to be at the doorstep of K'gari (Fraser Island) which needs no introduction.

Make sure to check out 'Visit Fraser Coast' HERE. They have all of the information and quality advice on how to make the most of the region and they also do valuable work for our compelling tourism scene.

Finding your little slice of paradise!

While at the time of writing this passage it is not easy to secure land, there plenty of options and just a few things to keep in mind to guarantee your slice of paradise here in the Fraser Coast.

  • Look outside of Hervey Bay. Although being in the center of it all is compelling the benefit of our region is that the pristine sprawling landscape is right on the doorstep of the Hervey Bay. It is a short drive from Maryborough, River Heads or Burrum Heads into Hervey Bay, roughly 25 to 30 minutes, and these areas are showing alot of promise, infrastructure is being progressively upgraded and there is nothing like waking in a peaceful sleepy area and commuting through our picturesque region. The Pialba CBD is only 3-4 trafficlights and a few kilometers from open and undeveloped land. The perfect escape to the ocean from the capital cities.

  • Get to know our local realtors and keep in touch with PJ Burns Builder. Nothing beats local knowledge! but not only that. Some of the modern estates do have waiting lists on their land. It is best to keep in touch and be the first to get your name down. At PJ Burns Builder we also have invaluable advice for buying land in the area. We have built thousands of homes in 44 years and it is safe to say that we have a fair idea of what to expect, and where, when building your home - making it so much easier to buy with confidence and build with less stress.

  • Chat to the locals! The locals in the Fraser Coast are typically very welcoming and friendly and the same goes for our fantastic business owners. Many of them have seen the town grow from what it was when they were younger, and many of them will comment on how quickly things are coming together! The locals know the best places to live, the best ways to build, all about the schools and facilities, and what to consider and how to make the best of living in the Fraser Coast.

  • Explore both online and offline. is still the best way to get an overview of what is available however things are moving quickly and it is easy to miss the 'gems'. We find that people often miss the hidden blocks of land in stunning areas because they are focused on the main roads and the business centers. in our region there is heaps of private sellers and you don't have to go far off the beating track at all to find a different and unique community that could have been easily missed. Go for a drive and explore!

Azure Estate, Eli Waters (In Hervey Bay)

Perhaps the best located estate currently being developed in Hervey Bay is Azure. Just a moment away from the CBD, near to the Eli Waters shopping complex, golf course, schools, retirement villages, as well as other planned projects - Azure is a friendly emerging estate right in the middle of it all. At the time of writing there are a handful of blocks weft with title expected this year! There will be another release expecting title in the early part of 2023 too. Whats even better is these blocks are very affordable well sized and offering an astounding ROI. Block prices currently range from $172,000 to $215,000.

Get in touch with the insightful & helpful Rod Marks of 'Marks & Partners Property' for the latest information.

Timbers Reserve Estate, Oakhurst (Near Maryborough)

The Timbers Reserve estate is a very short distance from the Maryborough showgrounds and countless employment opportunities while being only a short drive into the CBD and easy access to the Bruce Highway. The Timbers Reserve estate boasts a pleasant vista, quality land with high-quality homes, surrounded by trails, untouched land, and farmland. The land has been selling quickly however there are further stages planned and plenty of room for growth. It is best to get in touch with Brett Hore and he's all details are on the Timbers Reserve Website

The Springs Estate, Nikenbah (In Hervey Bay)

The springs has developed a reputation in the region for being one of the most popular and highest quality developments in the region! It is near the medical precint of Hervey Bay and a short drive from just about everything with easy access to the town on one side and easy access to Maryborough and River Heads on the other side. At the time of writing there are still a fair number of blocks available to purchase on the plan and it is well worth considering to grab one before it is too late (and put a PJ Burns Builder hamptons home on it too - They look great). Be sure to contact Win Projects for information on The Springs and other estates!

Bimbadeen Premier Estate, Saint Helens (Near Maryborough)

Near Maryborough can be found many well priced and very high quality acreage blocks perfect for living your best rural lifestyle - some of which are in the NEW Bimbadeen Estate. Blocks are from 4000m2, within 10 minutes of various schools, the Maryborough CBD, and only 30 minutes from Hervey Bay and the beach. PJ Burns Builder have some amazing rural floor plans that always look beautiful on this type of block. See the Minerva 240 3Bed, Minerva 240 4Bed, Gemini 375, and the Bacchus 239. We also have plenty of custom designs we have built on other large rural blocks. Again, Win Projects has all the information on this estate as well as others.

Sea Breeze Ocean View, Craignish (Near Hervey Bay)

This is a new one we are very excited about. Cragnish has always promoted the high end premier beach town lifestyle with finesse. There are some great locals in Craignish, stunning landscape and easy access to one of the bays beautiful, long, and private beaches too. The lots are huge considering they are right outside Hervey Bay - Ranging from 2000m2 to 3500m2 and selling from $346,000. Best to get in touch with 'Real Estate GC Hervey Bay' for information on this one.

Other Estates in the region!

There are many other fantastic estates in the region to look into. To list a few more;

  • Voe Ocean View, Burrum Heads

  • Dolphin Waters, Burrum Heads

  • Pinnacle Estate, Wondunna

  • Indigo Blue, Kawungan

  • Foreshore Estate, Point Vernon

  • The Straits Estate, Booral

  • Cooks Road Estate, Urraween

  • Henderson Park Estate, Tinana

  • Kingfisher Park Estate, Tinana

  • Kingston Estate, Kawungan

  • And Others!

Other Land

We also see that with a keen eye there are plenty of privately sold blocks as well as available undeveloped land. It requires a little sifting but these often are some of the best opportunities.

We are local, flexible, knowledgeable and dedicated to the best quality

However you find your land, we are confident that we can build your perfect home as we have many locals before. It is the local knowledge and experience that enables PJ Burns Builder to keep you well informed. There is no substitute for a builder who knows you, your project, your land and the wider context. We are proud of what we do and are always more than happy to sit down and discuss your project.

Book an appointment with us in Hervey Bay or call on 07 4124 7333 today and start your journey!


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