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Built-In Bars. You Know You Want One

Built-In Bars… You Know You Want One

As real estate trends continue to evolve, homeowners and designers are looking for more out of every room in their home.  Home entertainment areas are no longer just places for families to grow, but rather more innovative spaces where friends and family gather and celebrate.

Mid-century design is a great resource for home builders looking for inspiration, with sunken living rooms, breakfast booths and built-in bars making a come-back.

A bar can create a separation between your living and dining areas, essentially creating a third living environment. Whether you create a built-in bar or use moveable furnishings, you can create a space that reflects any era you’re drawn to.

Considerations in Designing a Bar Area

What your bar looks like will depend on your budget and your goal. At the very least it will be a place to store liquor, an ice bucket and some glassware. You’ll also need a space to mix drinks. If you want to make your bar portable, consider a bar on wheels. Second-hand stores, particularly antique dealers in the country, are a great source of vintage bar carts. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, there’s no shortage of options at boutique furniture retailers.

Starting from Scratch as a House Builder or Renovator in Sunshine Coast

If you have space or are planning on house renovations Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, your choices and options are much wider.

If you love the idea of a sunken lounge, consider your bar as the entrance to your “conversation pit” where you welcome guests and greet them with refreshments. Incorporating a bar into a living room that doesn’t access a kitchen can warm it up, creating a more hospitable environment for formal entertainment. A welcoming formal lounge also means you don’t have to entertain in the area of your home where the magic (or mess) happens.

Brilliant Bar Inspirations

A bar doesn’t just have to be a hive for formal entertainment and with a bit of creativity, your options are almost endless. Think about these great ideas that revolve around your bar:

  1. Stylish storage – with a display case and a few bar fridges you can put your whole collection stylishly on display while still storing it discreetly. The less glamorous items like cutlery and drink mixers can always sit behind the bar where they are out of sight.

  2. Casino theme – if you ever want to host a casino-themed night all you need is a tux and a pack of cards. Whatever your party, a bar is a ready-made solution for entertainment

  3. The (wo)man cave – if you’re getting a dedicated room, why not style the whole area around the bar with a pool table, dart board and some stylish décor. If elegance is more your style, build your bar among bookshelves and warm wood surroundings.

Research Your Options

If you’re building or renovating, have a good look around for house plans that meet your needs before making a decision on the position and design of your bar. The best builders in Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay will be able to give you advice on how to design your interior space.

If you’re inspired by the built-in bar idea and want to discuss how one could fit into your dream home, contact us for more information. PJ Burns are your experts for residential renovations and new home builds on the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay.

Modern Home Bar

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